Current Market:  Southern California
Year of Investment: 2018


Founded in 2010, STACKED is a disruptive, experiential contemporary casual dining brand that allows guests to fully customize and personalize their meal.  STACKED’s entertaining dining experience, rooted in proprietary technology, empowers guests to use mobile devices to completely control their dining experience.  With five locations in Southern California, STACKED executes primarily in the lunch and dinner dayparts, along with breakfast at its Huntington Beach restaurant.  The menu is built around five core “STACK-able” items:  burgers, pizza, sandwiches, salads, and mac n’ cheese.  Guests are able to customize their order to their exact liking, and due to the concept’s ingredient-centric pricing model, customers pay only for the ingredients ordered.  Through the use of technology, STACKED offers the convenience and guest control commonly associated with a fast casual concept in a full-service experience.

For a visual representation of the STACKED experience, please see this short 3-minute video.

At the time of Hargett Hunter’s investment in 2018, STACKED operated five stores in Southern California.  For more information, please visit Stacked Restaurant.

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