How We Execute

Capital is a commodity. Relationships are not.

We believe that in order to be exceptional, a team must generate results greater than the sum of its individual parts. At Hargett Hunter, we’ve assembled a collective of complementary talent with significant restaurant industry, investment and operating experience – partners with individual track records of success, as well as connections and credibility throughout the restaurant industry built on long-standing relationships.


A Focused Approach

When we look for investment opportunity across the domestic hospitality landscape, we find it in small and mid-size domestic restaurant companies with strong unit level economics – businesses that can deliver exceptional long-term, risk-adjusted investment returns. This is the sweet spot where our expertise intersects with opportunity.


Investing, Evolved

Rather than rely on a vanilla, 'one-size fits all' model, we stay flexible in our approach to crafting capital solutions. We maximize results by deploying the most appropriate, bespoke financial structures and management support to each investment. Changing consumer tastes and evolving distribution channels require experience, planning, execution and skill. Our combination of nimble and smart differentiates us in an otherwise homogeneous world of ‘commoditized capital.’


Experienced and Engaged

Because we've executed and managed billions of dollars in debt and equity investments across more than 50 beverage and restaurant systems over the last 20 years, we're able to quickly identify and mitigate problems and be strategically or tactically involved as needed. Our deep understanding of operations, strategy, unit economics, capital structure and the DNA of brands allows us to efficiently leverage in-house talent and 3rd party human capital.


Maximum Alignment

Every member of our team has a vested interest in every Hargett Hunter investment. It’s yet another way our firm is internally aligned to each other and externally to our limited partners and portfolio companies.


Unparalleled Passion

Life happens around food and beverage. The table, and the bounty that is provided on it, is the cornerstone of memories, rituals, and daily rhythms of families and friends. Cities and communities come together in restaurants and drink houses to forge connections and share experiences. We love this industry. So any day we get to work with other people who love it too is a good day.

Guided by Values

We strive to be good at our jobs, good to each other and good to our clients. It’s not enough to just talk about values – it’s critical we live them every day.

  • Keep the Golden Rule Golden

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  • Stay Open and Curious

    Cynicism is toxic and does not lead to our desired outcomes.

  • Prove Yourself Every Day

    Harness competitive spirit into healthy growth and improvement daily.

  • Operate with Intentional Hospitality

    Don’t forego opportunities to spark joy and deliver happiness to others.

Do what you say. Period.

A Storied History

The Hargett Hunter name pays respect to the power of the entrepreneurial spirit while acknowledging the influence that food, drink and hospitality plays on the lives of us all.

In the late 1700s, a Revolutionary War General named Frederick Hargett (1742 – 1810), had the vision to see great potential in the fledgling state of North Carolina. As a state legislator, Hargett invested his time and talents into building both a new state capital and leading the procurement of land that would become America’s first public University. Simultaneously, Wake County’s Isaac Hunter (1745 – 1823) earned his place in history by creating Hunter’s Tavern, the source of such immensely popular hospitality that Hargett and his fellow statesmen insisted on locating North Carolina’s permanent capitol building in proximity of her doors.

Both Frederick Hargett and Isaac Hunter were pioneers who believed that hospitality played a phenomenally valuable role in life and that anything could be accomplished through hard work and collaboration. At Hargett Hunter, we build on that very same ethos everyday.

Isaac Hunter’s Tavern
circa 1969